Our Mission

ShesCHERIshed is a non-profit ministry dedicated to eradicating domestic violence from the lives of innocent women and children in our communities. We accomplish this through our prevention, intervention, and restoration programs. Our programs are committed to educating and encouraging women to establish spiritual, mental, and physical strength. We exist to be a refuge and a safe haven for women to rest, heal, and grow.

You are a people set apart as holy to GOD. GOD chose you out of all the people on earth for Himself as a CHERISHED personal treasure. -Deuteronomy 7:6

ShesCHERIshed is the Lord’s ministry, dedicated to the memory of my sweet Mother, CHERI (ShesCHERIshed) Nemmers-Jolin. She was involved in horrific domestic violent relationships most of her life.

While at her memorial service, I felt God leading me to do something. I know her story (and my own domestic violence story) will not be in vain. Our mess has become my message within ShesCHERIshed. Our ministry truly desires to do its part in ending the cycle of abuse for many women and children.

My Mom gave her life to Jesus in 2005 and surrendered ALL to Him! God healed her from drugs and alcohol, and her abuser was sentenced to 44 years in prison for her attempted murder. My Mom Cheri was truly a walking miracle! By God’s grace, He gave her ten years to spend with us at the end of her life, free from domestic violence. She finally had the chance to rest, heal, and grow.

Our Vision

ShesCHERIshed strives to positively impact women and children while they heal from domestic violence relationships. Our vision is for women to be transformed and become fully devoted followers of Christ, set free from relational abuse.

Show Her ShesCHERIshed


This ministry exists in part because of the power of prayer. Whenever you think of ShesCHERIshed, we ask you to stop and pray for our women and children.


We are always looking for incredible hearts and talents to serve with the ShesCHERIshed team. We would love to connect with you.


We are a non-profit ministry that operates because of others’ generosity. We truly need your financial support, and we thank you in advance for your contributions.

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