Board Member Application

Thank you for your interest in serving on the Board of Directors for ShesCHERIshed. We are pleased that you have an interest in working to support survivors. Serving on the board is a rewarding experience and an opportunity for personal and professional growth. Completing this form will help you understand the skills and time/resource commitments of this leadership position. Applications are used by the Board’s Nominating Committee to identify and evaluate potential board candidates. All new directors are elected by a majority vote of current board members. Please review this application thoroughly if you wish to apply.

Board Member Responsibilities:

  • Serves a minimum of one (1) two-year term on the Board. Eligible to serve two (2) two-year terms if re-elected.
  • Attend a minimum (1) ShesCHERIshed event each year and 10 out of 12 board meetings per year, as well as 85% of all committee meetings you agree to be a part of. The Full Board of Directors meets once every 6 weeks on a Thursday from 6pm-7pm.
  • Participate in the advancement of the strategic plan of ShesCHERIshed, including fundraising and member recruitment.

What are your skills, experience, and interests? Please check all that apply.

Are you willing to give time, energy, and resources to support the mission of ShesCHERIshed?

Members stay connected to ShesCHERIshed through meeting attendance, committee work, events, e-mail, our FB group, etc. Do you have the time and resources to be an active Member of the ShesCHERIshed Board?

Are you comfortable soliciting others for funding?

Which of your skills would you like to utilize on the Board? Please check all that apply.

Can you commit to raising $2,000 per year in donations and $1,000 in sponsorship?

Have you ever experienced domestic violence?

Are you aware of your spiritual gifts?

2 + 15 =


Please provide a letter via email to outlining how you feel ShesCHERIshed would benefit from your involvement on the Board. The letter should be no more than one page in length and be provided as an attachment to your application. We also request a current resume and a bio. The Board will provide you with a written response within 30 days of receipt.  On behalf of ShesCHERIshed, we thank you for your application and consideration in supporting us.

Please complete the assessments below:

  • Core Values Assessment Click Here
  • Strengthfinder’s Assessment Click Here
  • Spiritual Gifts Assessment Click Here